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5 lb. bag of ready to fruit mushroom substrate- have mushrooms growing in your kitchen in just a few days.

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A great home project for gardeners, kids, homeschoolers and more. You'll get a 5 lb bag of myceliated substrate (basically a mushroom culture that's ready to fruit as soon as you cut it open and introduce oxygen). Once they start fruiting, Blue Oyster Mushrooms double in size every 24 hours and are fun to watch and delicious to eat! Kit comes with instructions. Additionally, you will need a clean spray bottle and a sharp knife. Kits should start to fruit between 1 and 10 days of opening. Due to our small operational size, we do not have the capacity to give extensive coaching or advice beyond what is provided in your instruction sheet, however, we will exchange your grow kit (exchanges can be through onfarm pickup or sent to a Saturday farmers market) if your kit hasn't fruited within 20 days of opening. We will ask for a brief phone conversation with you before exchanging to see if there's anything you can/should do differently to increase your odds of success. Note: These grow kits are ready to fruit immediately! If you're holding it for more than a few days (for instance, to give as a gift), store the block in the refrigerator.