Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What does CSA mean?

A CSA, or “Community Supported Agriculture” is a farm model in which customers purchase a crop share ahead of their harvest. Then throughout the purchase period, the customer has a weekly pick up of the pre-paid but freshly harvested items. Shareholders financially support the farmer in advance to grow their food for them.

Are your mushrooms organic?

We are not certified organic. We do follow organic guidelines including only using products that are OMRI certified. We will be starting the lengthy certification process soon but, in the meantime, we trust our customers to reach out if they have questions. We also focus on sustainability by using compostable containers and working with local suppliers when available. 

What are the payment options?

We accept credit card payments- they can be made through the CSAware system. We offer the three payment schedules to accommodate your needs. Pay a month at time, three months at a time or yearly. 

While we do not formally accept checks- if you have any difficulties please contact the CSA manager for assistance. We can help with any payments. 

Do I get to choose the mushrooms I receive each week?

We do not offer customized CSA options. Our mushroom varieties are seasonal and have different production schedules. This means that not all varieties are available each week. 

That said we can accommodate allergies and things you just don’t like. We will do our best based on availability to not send you mushrooms that you do not like. 

You can manage your preferences yourself through your member dashboard or by alerting the CSA manager. 

What happens when I go on vacation or otherwise can’t receive my mushrooms?

We understand that members go on vacation. You have three options:

- You can reschedule up to three boxes per season per quarter. Please use our online rescheduling tool by logging into your member dashboard and selecting the dates you need to skip and clicking hold devliery. You can always email the CSA manager for assistance as well.  Deadline is 36 hours before pickup. If you need to cancel after that time period, you can contact the CSA manager for assistance. 

- You can have a friend pick up the box for you.  Please instruct him/her how to get the box.

- You can donate your share. We donate to either Southern Alamance Food Ministry (SAFE), a local food pantry or to Robin’s Hood Kitchen in Pittsboro, who turns left over produce into meals for low-income families. 

What happens if I do not pick up my CSA produce on time?

You risk losing your box anytime you do not pick it up during the designated hours for your site and for freshness. Please have a friend pick up your box if you cannot do so during those hours. Please refer to your drop off location for information on exact times for each site location and retrieval options. Some are more flexible than others.

We can work with anyone that contacts us. If you have circumstances under 36 hours before the pickup- including the day off- please contact the CSA manager and we can find an alternative or you can receive a double order the following week. 


I’m concerned about too many mushrooms and what to do with them.  

We offer two share sizes to help align with your needs. Our mushrooms are flavor packed and we find that incorporating them into your dishes- you will use them quickly! 

The point of a CSA for many of our families IS for them to eat more mushrooms. We offer resources to help you make this work.  

We are working on a webpage devoted to mushroom recipes- including videos to help you gain confidence on using your produce. Hopefully this will be available by March 1st. You can always contact the CSA manager for recipes and cooking advice. 

The weekly newsletter always includes a list of what mushrooms are in the share that week along with cooking tips, storage tips, and recipes. Many members find this information very helpful to identify varieties and gain cooking inspiration. 

You’ll soon be a pro at adding your fresh mushrooms to your pasta sauce, quiches, empanadas, breakfast scrambles, stroganoff, and the hundreds of other dishes that are enhanced by the addition of protein and umami rich mushrooms. 

Can I change my share amount? Can I order extra mushrooms?

If at any point you would like to increase or decrease your share- you can do that. Please contact the CSA manager for assistance or go to your member dashboard where you can change amounts and drop off locations. 

CSAware allows you to easily place orders for additional mushrooms! You can order an additional share for when you are expecting guests or you can add specific items- including our value-added line. Inventory will be updated weekly. 

Most of these items can also be added as a subscription meaning you can add them to share to be automatically added to your delivery. This is a great option if you love a particular variety. 

Who can attend farm events?

All CSA members and their families are welcome. We are not able to accommodate friends outside your immediate family. Our CSA based farm events are not open to the general public. During COVID our events will be limited to small groups based on social distancing needs. 

We cannot accommodate drop in visitors at this time.